Where am I now?

I am back in the UK mostly saying around the southwest.

I am moving from house to house as a house sitter, when not sitting I can stay one or two nights in my stealthy campervan, for longer periods I go back to my home town and stay with family.

Trusted House Sitter is a platform that matches homeowners and house sitters for a small yearly fee, the fee is for admin of website and accident insurance.

The premise is that a homeowner wants to go on holiday and need someone to care for their dogs, cats or both. 

That's where I come in, I stay in the house, so it is not left empty and walk the dogs and feed them or cats, sometimes water the plants too. 

I get to use the house as our own, enjoy the location and most importantly go for beautiful walks with interesting dogs.

There is no money exchanged between parties nor unusual demands. 

Now I have more experience with this platform I have ventured into the PAID alternative site, I purposely kept my price low to be more in demand.

As I have no house of my own I fill my calendar from both sites to minimise the nights with family or in the van, thus avoiding any rental cost of an apartment and associated bills.

This allows me to be in a privileged situation whereby I only need to work part-time and spend lots of time on other projects such as this website.

Siem Reap is famous for Angkor Wat and many other temples. Tourists flock here, many on tour of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

Siem Reap has a large number of expats, many of whom have lived here for a long time.

It is certainly worth a visit, the people are friendly, the culture is interesting, the history thought provoking.

I have enjoyed my time here but I have itchy feet and my next adventure is calling.